It’s About Time

Not long ago333x500In the opening scene of Not Long Ago, I pictured a young woman in her twenties hurrying down a busy city sidewalk. On her way past a coffee shop, she happens to notice a handsome stranger through the window. Their eyes meet, and it sends her reeling. Who is he, and why does she feel this sense of connection?

From there, the story could have gone anywhere. Turns out it did. The idea of time travel has always fascinated me. Imagine getting up close and personal with history. Experiencing life there.

Erin finds herself in another world, harsh and sometimes violent place, where she meets Griffin and falls in love. I never intended for it to be a series, but when my daughter insisted there was more to the story, I realized she was right.

From Now On takes up where the first book left off. Some of my favorite characters are back. Arvo: the tall, gangly young man with a disreputable shock of red hair who is Erin’s friend and confidant. Sir Edevane: Griffin’s fellow knight and friend. Kateryn: Griffin’s feisty little sister.

FromNowOn_200x300Griffin travels across centuries to find Erin. They return to his world, but before they can begin their new life together, he must go on a mission to Manx Island. When he doesn’t return as planned, Erin assembles a group of his friends to search for him. Followed by Kateryn, they travel to Swansea and secure passage with the notorious Captain Akin.

Erin discovers firsthand how the island has earned its dark reputation when she battles freakish weather, encounters a race of little people known as “Prowlies” and experiences ghosts of the long departed.  Even worse, she discovers “ley lines” crossing the island’s mountain peak, creating all sorts of strange phenomena. These obstacles pale in comparison to the secrets she uncovers while trying to rescue the man she loves.

If you like a time travel adventure with a twist (and a love story) and haven’t read Not Long Ago, please do. You can continue Erin and Griffin’s story in From Now On. As for what’s going to happen to them in Book 3? It’s too soon to tell, but here’s a hint. As the relationship between the two love birds grows, they have even more obstacles to overcome. Along with that, there’s more adventure. I’m talking blood moons, Welsh caves, ghosts. Are you ready?

It’s About Time series is available at MuseItUp, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Goodreads.


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