Do you like puzzles? Solving mysteries? So does Xander. He is a lot like Peter Falk’s character in the series Columbo, because sometimes he appears to be clueless, but that’s only a ruse. He listens to what people say, along with the things they don’t.

After a late-night visit to Battington’s marketplace, Princess Mena vanishes without a trace. Merchants are frantic when King Leander calls for a curfew and postpones the Spring Festival until further notice. Certain his former constable is the man for the job: the mayor hires Xander to investigate, hoping he can solve the mystery in a hurry so things can go back to normal.

But Xander’s not so sure that’s possible, because there’s romance involved, and he knows when that happens folks who usually are very sensible seem to lose all reason. In addition to sorting out truths, half-truths, and outright lies, he must deal with gypsies, love potions, and an illegal moonshine operation before he can get to the bottom of things.

This is what Xander has to say: For the past year I’ve been trying my hand at farming. Without much success I might add. Before that I was constable for the township of Battington, a job I dearly loved. That is until Cymon, the mayor, and I had some differences which led to a parting of the ways. That’s how I got into farming…and found out it wasn’t for me.

      A few days ago I rode into town for supplies, and along came Cymon with an offer I couldn’t refuse. It’s only temporary, but he wants me to investigate Princess Mena’s disappearance. At double my former wages. With any luck I should be able to locate her, collect my wages along with the reward, and be home before harvest. Easy peasy…

I am pleased to announce Xander’s Tangled Web is available on Amazon in eBook, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback for the first time ever. Please check it out!


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