About books, movies, cooking, and advice
Decorating, shopping, and finding the best price
Life, love and raising kids
Along with do-hickeys, what-cha-ma-call-its, and thing-a-ma-jigs
We’re just two Texas girls
Straight from the sticks
The only thing we won’t gab about
Is religion and politics!

S.O.B. Day (Spunky Old Broads)

Founded by Dr. Gayle Carson, Spunky Old Broads Day is a holiday where we celebrate women who are age 50 and older, who don’t want to get old quietly, and are “interested in living a regret-free life”.

Today, we wanted to spotlight older women and share some funny quotes about growing older.

ANN: I have some advice much like Lucille Ball’s quote…only in reverse. If you tell everyone you’re 10 years older than you actually are, you’ll always look fantastic for your age!

SUSAN: When I was a young girl, and my parents had get-togethers, the men gathered in one room and the women in another (usually the kitchen). The women would be talking a blue streak, and suddenly, they’d put their heads together, whisper to one another, followed by hysterical laughing. I never knew what they were talking about, just that it must have been funny. Now that I’m much older, I understand completely. Nothing is sacred to women my age. And we’ll laugh about anything. Why not joke about your wrinkles, saggy boobs, poor eyesight or forgetfulness. It’s all part of life. My advice is: Enjoy life. Especially now.

Find out more about Ann Everett/Emma Ames: https://www.anneverett.com

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