Happens every year. It makes me feel good. I even organize my writing and make a list of new things I want to try, along with things I want to finish.

I’m making great progress with my paranormal romance about two people joined together by the past. When eighteen-year-old Eli moves to small-town Greer, Texas to live with his grandparents, strange things begin to happen. Things that aren’t real. A ghost, disturbing visions, voices whispering his name. They have something to do with Idunn, the girl who’s haunted his memory since he was young. Together, Eli and Idunn search to figure what happened long before either of them was born and discover why it’s drawn them together.  

I’m about 60,000 words into Book 3 of my time travel series. As husband and wife, Erin and Griffin face a whole new set of challenges. She thinks her husband is being overprotective. He thinks she’s too impulsive. She’s forced to contend with an old rival who still has feelings for Griffin.  When Mierla’s brother arrives at the castle with strange and unsettling news Lord John charges Griffin with taking her home. Erin puts her foot down. Castle Llewellyn is an overnight ride into the mountains of Wales, No way in hell is she going to let Griffin go without her. (I have plans to post Bridey’s Stranger, a companion story to the series on my blog.)

Last but not least, there’s Mere. A young woman from a charming little town in east Texas. Titusville sits smack dab in the middle of Ferry Woods. A place filled with pine trees, Spanish moss, and creepiness where strange things happen. Mere’s practical side says they’re only stories. But she’s certain there’s more to it than that.

Maybe it has something to do with her unique ability. The one she’s tried to ignore since she was a child. All she ever wanted was a normal life. To be accepted. Blend in. A difficult task with a family like hers.  And when it’s all said and done, she’s not certain if it’s what she wants after all.

I’ve got a lot to do. So, I’d better get started. I’ll keep you posted.

Black-eyed peas, cornbread, cabbage and ham

That’s what my sister cooked for lunch, the first day of January 2019. A southern tradition, one supposed to bring good luck and prosperity, Delicious of course, but that’s no surprise. She’s a good cook. And I made my usual resolutions. Be kind. Be patient. Be strong. Live healthier. Work harder. Accomplish more. Never quit trying.

And I’ve already started off on the wrong foot. I woke up with one of my headaches, spent the day feeling useless, had trouble with my computer. My first setback of the year. Frustrating when you’ve only just resolved to made things different.

2018 was a roller coaster year. More downs than ups. A lot of unexpected things. At times it felt as though the bad overshadowed the good. Seemed like every step forward was followed by a step back. I want this year to be different. So I’m adding a new resolution. Start each day with a grateful heart.  Count my blessings and realize how lucky I am. I can’t avoid every unfortunate thing that comes my way, but I can stay focused and do my best every single day.

Happy New Year